Team image Sebastian


In 2016, he quit his job to build the best water gun in the world. Now nobody knows what exactly it is he is doing at Spyra.

Team image Matthias


The Doktor could make the Spyra One fly to the moon. If only we stopped bothering him with silly requests for more power and prettier colors.

Team image Rike


Originally joined the team thinking she was going to be selling “water melons”. But marketing a world-changing water gun is fine with her too.

Team image Markus


If the Spyra One ends up with a ‘full auto’ mode and beats you at chess, you‘ll have our electronics and software genius to thank for that.

Team image Data and Lore (Ultimakers)


By far the most productive team members. Being twins, they are hard to tell apart, but one has feelings and is evil.



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