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 Kickstarter FAQ 

When will the Spyra One launch on Kickstarter?

In July 2018, the campaign for Spyra One will launch on Kickstarter – the exact time of day is a secret that we will exclusively tell our early supporters.

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How can I get Spyra One at the super-low Early Bird price?

Easy: Sign up to our email notification list!

Two days before the official start of the Kickstarter campaign, you will get an email from us. It tells you the exact time of day of the Kickstarter launch. With your head start of 3 hours before everyone else, you have the chance to secure your Spyra One at the best price!

As "Earliest Bird", you have the chance to get Spyra One at a huge discount compared to the planned retail price!

This is our way of saying: Thank you for backing us!

When will you ship Spyra One?

If you back our campaign and we successfully reach the funding goal, we will ship in time for next summer’s water fights.

In the 12 months after the campaign, there is a lot to do: We need to manufacture the tooling, produce and assemble all parts, package the water guns, ship them to our hubs and send them off to you. 

We have also confirmed this shipping date with our production partners and will keep you posted regularly on the progress while your Spyra Ones are underway.

To which countries will you ship?

The first batch of Spyra One will be certified for the US-American and the EU market only.

In other countries and regions, we cannot guarantee compliance with the local regulations at the time of the Kickstarter campaign. This is why, unfortunately, we do not offer shipping to other countries at this point. We try to add this quickly though in the next time!

Will there be Team Packs?

Yes, there will be Team Packs! We currently plan packages of 2, 4, 8 and even 24 Spyra Ones. So gather your two soccer teams, add your grandmas and go for it!

And you can even pick your favorite color. Are you on Team Red or Team Blue?

What is Kickstarter and how does it work?

Kickstarter is the biggest international crowdfunding platform where you can help creators like us to make creative (and maybe even a bit crazy) projects a reality.

As a small, independent startup company, we can only produce Spyra One with your help. That is why you are so important to us: Only if enough supporters back our project by pre-ordering a Spyra One, we will have enough funding to produce, assemble and ship the Spyra One.

How can I back Spyra One on Kickstarter?

Before launch day in July, make sure you have created an account on www.kickstarter.com. You also need a credit or debit card to make the pledge to back Spyra One.

What's important for you: Your credit card will only be charged if Spyra One reaches the funding goal and we can actually begin the production.

Almost as important: tell your friends about Spyra One and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign! Maybe they will want to join in for a Team Pack?

On launch day, watch out for the coolest water gun in the world and get your Spyra One on Kickstarter. Or even better, sign up for our email notification and we will let you know in time so you don't miss the right time to get that Earliest Bird special price.


 And until then? 

We know from experience: The excitement is hard to bear.

Here are three ideas what you could do until the launch day in July.

1. Tell your friends about Spyra One!

You have friends that really need a new water gun? Or enemies that you would like to take on in a water fight?

Tell them about the Kickstarter campaign and get a Team Pack of Spyra Ones on launch day!

Tell a friend about Spyra One!

2. Subscribe to the Spyra YouTube channel!

What Spyra One can do, how the design evolves and what our student team members have to endure for testing purposes: Check out the latest videos from Spyra Headquarters on YouTube.

3. Ask us your question!

We will continue to update our website with more information. What would you like to know about Spyra One and our Kickstarter launch?

Send us a message!

We can't wait to hear from you!