Return 3/3

2. Procedure

Your request will be forwarded to and processed by our customer service. A DHL return label will be created automatically for your convenience (this service may not exist in your country, in this case, you will have to acquire a return label yourself).

3. Dispatch Preparation

When returning the Spyra One, please be sure to empty the tank completely before sending it back (just follow the instructions in your manual). Please use the included fabric bag for storing it back into its original packaging. Use a suitable shipping box and make sure it contains all parts of your delivery.

4. Return Label

If provided, please print out your return label and attach it onto the surface of your shipping box. Make sure not to attach it onto the original packaging to avoid any problems concerning your return.

5. Return Shipment

Take your shipping box to the nearest DHL-Shop and be sure to keep the deposit receipt with the shipment number. The return costs will be calculated individually and you might be charged with the expenses. You will be constantly updated on the status of your return.

6. Assessment and Completion

Your returned product will be assessed after arrival and, after successful completion, you will receive your payment within 10 days through the same means of payment you have used during the original transaction. The Spyra GmbH can withhold parts of the return payment if there are any damages caused by improper handling through the customer.

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