„Winter is coming“: How to store your SpyraOne

Katharina Kürzinger
posted by Katharina Kürzinger
September 29, 2020

The days are getting shorter, the last trips to the bathing lake for this year are counted and we have already officially entered autumn. The time has come, the SpyraOne has to be made winterproof. However, what is the best way to store the SpyraOne in order to fully enjoy your watergun again in 2021? We have created an easy guide with only three steps for you.


Step 1: Empty the tank

With the empty-shot you can remove the water out of the tank. To make sure that all the water is out of the tank, you can activate the empty-shot for several times.


Step 2: Charge the battery

Your SpyraOne includes a Lithium-Ion-Power-Battery, which you should charge for storing your SpyraOne. A charge indicator of 80% is enough for your SpyraOne’s hibemate.


Step 3: Storing

The best position to store your SpyraOne is face down! If you have a Single Pack, you can put your SpyraOne back to the packaging and set this upright. If you have a Dual Pack, you can also store your SpyraOnes in a horizontal position or put them upright outside the packaging. To prevent frost, you should store your SpyraOne in a well-tempered room (min. 64,4°F to 77°F).


Now your SpyraOne is ready for the winter break. By the way, we recommend storing the SpyraOne in this way if you won’t use it for a few days.


If you have any other questions regarding storing your SpyraOne, write our customer happiness team hello@spyraone.com or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.