4 Features that make Spyra One the best water gun ever

posted by Lea Schuhmacher
May 10, 2018

Do you remember the summer water battles in the 1990s? Did you have a Super Soaker 50 or even the mighty Super Soaker CPS 2500, too? We loved the water fights we had with our friends, always competing for the biggest tank, the best range, and yeah, the meanest looks.

No more good water guns since the 1990s

But let’s be honest. Since the 1990s there were just simply no more good water guns. It’s not just us. Our friends said it. And the mysterious water gun authority iSoaker said it. He even called for a revolution lately.




Everything just pointed us to our one single mission: to build the best water gun in the world!


Now, how to go about it?

Taking the best features of the 1990’s water guns and improving on them would be a good start.

Looking back to the good old days, we also remembered quite a few things that were way too annoying in our water fights. Eliminating those pains would further move us towards our goal to build a really great water gun.

And finally, we had some great, geeky features in mind that would really lift our water battles to the next level.

Eventually, we decided on 4 major features that we think would combine into a truly great water gun.

4 features that will make Spyra One the best water gun ever

1. Quick and easy refilling

It was by far the worst part of the water fight: refilling the tank. You had to run back into the house, unscrew the tank, fill it up with water from the tap and run back into the garden. And if mom was watching, you even had to take off your shoes. It took foreverrrr.

That was definitely a huge downside of the old water guns. So the first thing we did for our new water gun was to integrate an electronic pump. Now it’s easy: Just hold Spyra One into any source of water and the automatic pump refills and repressurizes your tank in just 15 seconds.


2. Automatic repressurizing

The biggest and most powerful water guns always came with an arm-killing catch. Do you remember how long it took for your Monster XL to finally be under full pressure? We definitely do!

Therefore, the next thing we did was eliminate the endless time we spent pumping (and getting soaked by our water fight opponents with the silly small water guns in the meantime). With the Spyra One, you have 100% pressure from the first to the last shot, thanks to the automatic pump. Combined with the quick refill, you’ll save yourself a lot of downtime. 

3. Clear hits

And there we get to the next point. All the big water guns could do was soak. And then what? Once you were wet, the fight was completely over.

We thought it would be much more exciting (and appropriate for us as serious grown-ups) if you wouldn't just get completely soaked in a water fight, but mark your opponents with a clear and precise hit from a compact water bullet. Research showed that an amount of a shot glass is enough if it’s cold enough water…

And you’ll see if you score on any t-shirt. Or at least hear it when you hear yourself yelling: “Ha, gotcha!”.


4. Full tank control

The biggest tank was of no use if you were out of pressure or worse, out of water. And besides shaking the water gun and trusting in your sense of weight, there was no way to find out whether you had enough water left for that final, water battle-winning shot.

This is why we included a display that tells you the exact status of the water tank anytime. So you’re never again surprised to run dry in the worst moment. Instead, refill again, watch the water bullet count go up, and with the refilled and repressurized tank of 25 water bullets, you’ll be able to shoot a lot of things (friends).


Our vision: pushing water fights to the next level

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. With Spyra One having all these simple, but well thought-out technical features, you can play a game that allows for more tactical and strategic thinking and is filled with action at the same time.

Can’t wait to start a real water fight with the Spyra One?

On July 10, we are launching the Spyra One on Kickstarter to finance the first production of the best water gun in the world.