Spyra One 


Clear hits

from powerful water bullets

Simply pull the trigger and feel the powerful shots.
Each water bullet is exactly 30 ml – about the size of a shot glass. There's no need for paint or target vests to find out who hit whom: the water bullets leave clear water marks on your friends' shirts. Let them fade after a few minutes in the sun and get ready for a rematch!
Combining range with precision for the first time.
If you're older than five, water fighting is as much about pure range as driving is about just getting there. So Spyra One not only matches the range of the top water guns on the market. Its patent-pending valve-nozzle technology also achieves a previously unknown precision: Instead of soaking, Spyra One's water bullets clearly hit their targets at up to 7.5 meters – that's as far as the laws of physics allow!


Quick auto refill

for full tank in 14 seconds.

Refilling becomes part of the game.
With the push of a button, Spyra One refills the entire tank with water – 25 shots in 14 seconds. Gone are the times where the break to run into the house and refill your tank was the killer of every water battle. With Spyra One, counting your water bullets and refilling strategically becomes part of the fight.
Refill anywhere, from any water source.
Spyra One's pumping system is protected by a water filter, so you don't have to worry about small parts damaging the internals. Just hold the front end of Spyra One into any clean water source – a lake, a bucket, or your swimming pool – and push the button to let Spyra One refill the tank.


Digital display

shows tank and battery status.

Full control down to the last water bullet.
Stop guessing how much water you have left to launch that final attack. With Spyra One's digital display, you just know – down to the exact number of water bullets left in your tank. When you shoot, it counts down, and when you refill, it counts up again. This way, you never risk running dry in the worst moment.
Always know Spyra One's battery status.
Spyra One's digital display also tells you when it's time to take a break from water fighting and recharge its integrated batteries. Don't worry: You will probably tire from water battles earlier than Spyra One does. The battery easily lasts for a full day of water fights with at least 45 refill cycles and 1125 shots.

Full pressure whenever you need it.
Spyra One's integrated pump repressurizes the water automatically during refilling. The tank system then holds the pressure constant from the first to the last shot. Whether you have 25 shots left or just one, you always have full range and precision. All without any extra supplies like CO2 cartridges. And the best thing: There is no need for pumping anymore!
No more pumping. Ever.
Did we mention this already? It's like magic. While your water fight opponents are still busy working out their biceps to build up pressure, you are 100% back in the game whenever you choose to. You can even interrupt the auto-refill process at any time, ward off attackers, and continue refilling.


It's not all about tech:

Design taken to the next level