Author: Team Spyra
Nov 29, 2017

How precise can a water gun be?

What makes for the world’s best water gun? Some obvious criteria are range, tank capacity and power.

While we uphold all of these, we have added another criterion to the list: we aim to make the Spyra One the world’s most precise water gun.

What are the goals for our water gun?

Our definition of precision: being able to hit a 5-Mark coin after 5 meters. Or to hit a 1.5 inch target across 17 feet. (That sounds random.) The idea: if the water reaches this mark without spraying up, doing the same with 10 meter shots (33 feet) won’t be a problem anymore.

German as we are, we approach this goal strictly scientifically, through experiments on a specific test bench. In fact, we moved the entire team to a new office to build an even longer experimental shooting channel. 9 Meters long and we cannot walk through the door anymore. All for the sake of science.

Team Spyra's water gun test channel in the door

Previous results from our range and precision tests

Until the experimental shooting channel for testing different valves and pressure systems will be built, take a look at how our experiments looked like before the move. These recordings show some of our early experiments in February 2017. Ten months ago, our old channel was about 5 meters long and even with our early prototype then we were able to hit a pile of coins (not Deutschmarks, in this case) quite precisely.

You can also see how a water bullet from the Spyra One is different from a regular Super Soaker or whatever 90s water gun you can get: Pull the trigger and you get a super short burst of water – like a water bullet. That doesn’t hurt, but really changes the game. Literally.

By the way, the tech team is looking for more support, so check out our open positions and apply. Now!


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      Oh goodness. That was more than a year ago – we doubled the range by now, achieving a similar spread. 😉 Please check out the infographic on the Kickstarter page (unfortunately I cannot link here directly to the image) for the details:

      Rike from Team Spyra

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