Author: Team Spyra
May 5, 2017

The vision is becoming real

Funny thing when you worked on your little project for two years and then suddenly, it’s all out in the open. And how!

Spyra One in Süddeutsche Zeitung

Trump loves it already: Spyra One, the “Career Booster”

Within hours of Süddeutsche Zeitung publishing its article about “A water gun like no other”, we were literally overwhelmed by subscribers, commenters and Facebook likes. (True story. We started at zero.)

Reading about Spyra in Germany’s largest national daily newspaper somehow made it all real. We are really onto something, building the best water gun in the world.

High-tech water gun, very sketchy…

And yeah, having the first controversy around our water gun, too. For some reason, we could not convince the president of the university to appear in the large article while testing the water gun. I wonder why?

Our business coach helping out the president with the (photo) shooting

I guess we’ll have to get used to it – and convince our critics one by one that we’re really just here for the fun. And lots of it!


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